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Long-Awaited Return at the 14th edition of Virée Blues Boréale
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Oct 20, 2011
Long-Awaited Return at the 14th edition of Virée Blues Boréale

Top of the bill at the very beginnings of Virée Blues Boréale, he won the hearts of all the area’s Blues fans at his very first performance. Our next guest, who now lives in Texas, cannot visit us as often as he, and our patrons would want to. Being one of the most requested by Virée Blues Boréale’s audience, he makes sure to show his gratitude on each visit. Now, by popular request, after a three year absence and for the fifth performance at Virée Blues Boréale, The Jo Hell Band and their guest from Texas, Sleepy T.

Discovered in 2005 by Virée Blues Boréale, Jo Hell had been playing his Blues in Montreal’s bars since 1994, since he was 16. Along the years, Jo Hell and his “Red Roosters” have played all the best Blues Festivals and the most reputed bars. Along the way, they grew from 50 to 225 performances a year, then to well over365 a year; Red Roosters’ territory never ceased expanding. In 2001, the group played the prestigious Montreal International Blues Festival for the first time; they were invited again in 2005 and 2008. Having tried their luck in the States with their Blues Brother Sonny Wolf in 2006, they soon got to perform regularly on the stage of , among others, the famous Nuno’s on the 6th, in Austin Texas, before conquering the new audience at the “Red, White and Blues Festival” of Waterloo Park. Since, the group moved there and got to perform 7 nights a week, mostly on 6th avenue. There they had the opportunity to play with Tommy Shannon (Stevie Ray Vaughan’s bassist) at the famous Antone's; they also could talk Blues with Buddy Guy, B.B. King and Chris Layton; They also shared the stage with, among others, the pianist Pinetop Perkins, the guitarist Alan Haynes and the drummer Buddy Miles. Those enriching experiences greatly contributed to bringing the group to a purer, more refined sound while still heavy, wild, worthy of Texas Roadhouses.

Now a Power Trio with Jo Hell (guitar and vocals), Steve Hupée (drums) and Franck Courchesne (bass), they let go of the Red Roosters name to become The Jo Hell Band. Another name and another setup for sure but still the staggering technical prowesses, the same raging feeling and a superb sound. On their last visit here, in 2008, they came in the Outaouais to launch our Virée Blues Boréale’s 8th edition. They also went to the Victor Studio in Montréal to record their eponymous album which unfortunately is still unknown to most in the Outaouais. But we predict that it will become a real success here as it did in the U.S.!

So why not join in this Hell of a party which could go on till quite late with The Jo Hell Band and their guests Sleepy T, at October 26 2011's Virée Blues Boréale, at 8h00p.m, at Le Petit Chicago, 50 Promenade du Portage, in the Old Hull sector. For inquiries or interviews, please contact Alexandre Petit at: vireeblues@gmail.com. You will find further information on our guests at: www.myspace.com/johellband . You should also visit our own site which offers you links to all of our guests sites and lots of other very interesting information at: www.vireeblues.ca or on myspace at: www.myspace.com/vireeblues or follow us on our facebook page under “vireebluesboreale”.

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